Top Countries with Amazing Nature Reserves

What do you look for in a country before placing it on the list of your top vacation spots? Is it the architecture or the technology? If visiting countries with nature reserves interest you, you may have probably run out of where to visit.

In a time when industrial waste is threatening life on earth, finding a country that fits into this category, devoid of the tons of plastic and other non recyclable products, is not as easy as it seems. That is why exists. It’s a platform adept at providing trusted reviews and customer experiences on several online companies and what they offer. You are sure to find those that offer services or further information concerning this topic. While vacationing in any of the countries, you may like to check out opinions on 6-month car rental companies reviews for a guaranteed rental service.

Here is a list of the top countries with amazing nature reserves, in no particular order.

1.  Iceland

A lot of sights make this “land of ice” a worthy vacation point for nature lovers. Reasons for this include the Westfjords, where you’ll get to see awesome landscapes that aren’t common in many parts of the world. You’ll also find icebergs, lagoons, craters and waterfalls for your viewing pleasure.

2.  South Africa

The Kruger National Park is a reserve meant to preserve endangered species. The sight of buffalos and rhinos running about in their natural habitat is magnificent compared to tours around a zoo. The Cango Caves offer an extra dose of pleasure for adventurous tourists.

3.  Ecuador

This is another country with eye-catching views. The Sangay National Park is home to the Tapir mountain and endangered wildlife. Other places of interest include tropical rainforests across the country and the Galapagos Islands.

4.  Peru

Peru is one of the most naturally beautiful countries in the world. A notable sight is Mount Huascarán, which is the world’s highest tropical mountain, in addition to the Rio Abiseo National Park.

5.  Brazil

The Lençois Maranhenses National Park with its combination of rolling dunes and water in between valleys is an adorable sight to behold. Other than this, a visit to Brazil would be made interesting by seeing the Chapada dos Veaderos which has a good number of waterfalls and an abundance of wildlife, and the Atlantic rainforest in Serra dos Orgaos National Park.

6.  Namibia

This African country boasts of bountiful game reserves teeming with unusual animal species. Some of the tourist areas include the Mahango Game Reserve, National West Coast Recreation Area, and Naute Recreation Resort, which is a good place to swim, with colourful birds adorning the reserve.

When you make your choice from any of the options above and proceed to visit the reserves, remember to contribute to the continuity of the natural state of the area. As much as possible, use eco-friendly products and stick to the rules guiding tours of each of the reserves. The choir may still be a hard … Read More...

8 Countries To Travel To For Their Food

Food is one of the reasons why people travel. In fact, some people have quit their jobs to spend time on the road traveling to new places and enjoying the different cultures and dishes with local communities.

For a long time, traveling was put on hold because of the pandemic. Even as of this moment not all countries permit international traveling.

Therefore, it is advisable to say that before planning to travel, ensure you have taken all the necessary traveling safety precautions and this will include insurance.

At US you will find all the information and feedback you need about online medical travel insurance reviews.

Affordable travel insurance will set you up for a good vacation.

I find traveling so important in life that everybody should at one point pack up for an exploration adventure. Travelling broadens your mind and overall, boosts your cognitive health.

However, the benefits of traveling are not up for discussion, today, we’ll do the fun stuff. Food! Let’s have a look at some places for a foodie vacation;

1.  Italy

You should not be surprised when you hear that one of the top reasons people traveling to Italy is for the delicious Italian food.

Italian dishes are so popular even outside Italy. This explains the thousands of Italian restaurants all across the globe.

These are some iconic foods to eat in Italy;

  • Pizza
  • Ragu Alla Bolognese
  • Lasagne
  • Tiramisu
  • Torrone
  • Ravioli

2.  India

Even before looking up this article, I’m sure you had your guess that India must be on the list. That is absolutely right! 

It can never be a foodie vacation without traveling to India. When I think of India, spicy and flavorful food comes to mind.

When it comes to the different types of food, India has a variety to offer. Whether is a vegan or carnivore diet, India is the right place.

Some of the most popular food to eat in India are;

  • Buttered chicken
  • Biryani
  • Chicken curry
  • Punjab
  • Pav bhaji

3.  Greece

Greece is famous for its rich history, beautiful architecture, and of course the Greek cuisine that can be traced back to ancient Greece.

In fact, a majority of Greek food has been influenced by culture and traditions. Each plate is served with some bit of a story behind it, that is why we all love them!

Upon your visit to Greece, you may want to try the listed Greek specials;

  • Sauvlaki
  • Baklava
  • Moussaka
  • Cheese pie

4.  France

Apart from French being considered as the language of love, France has even more love to offer in its local foods.

There is something so unique that makes French cuisine so unique and delicious.

Fun fact! France is one of the countries with the best desserts in the world.

If you’re not careful, you may end up eating desserts as your appetizer, main course, and your last course during your stay in France.

Here are some food you must try in France;

  • Croissants
  • Macarons
  • Crème Brûlée
  • Onion soup
  • Baguettes
  • Eclairs

4 Cognitive Benefits of Playing Video Games

There’s a common misconception that people who play video games are dull and waste their time on their mobile devices. This is untrue because there are many benefits and positive effects to video gaming that can even influence interpersonal relationships, social skills, good moral virtues, brain development, and memory.

In this article, you get to know and understand the various cognitive effects of videogames on people. offers customer reviews on video gaming apps that can improve cognition.

Here are four cognitive benefits of playing video games.

1.  It improves your problem-solving and critical-thinking abilities

Critical thinking is a likable skill that enables an individual to make use of observable signs and evaluate proven sources to make good judgments. By playing video games and crossing various game stages, you’re indirectly thinking of creative ways to effectively and efficiently solve a problem and improve your approach to specific game challenges. The real-life application of this is persistence and patience. That is when faced with a problem; you wouldn’t give up as quickly as other people.

2.  It improves your hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills

Hand-eye coordination entails using your hands and eyes simultaneously, uniting visual perception and motor skills. Gross motor skills are skills that are involved in the coordination of major muscular body parts such as the arms, legs and include running, jumping, and swimming. Concerning video games, hand-eye coordination involves using a pad and screen simultaneously, while gross motor skills are the constant movement of the hands. Compared to non-gamers, people who frequently participate in video games have better developed hand-eye coordination as you have to be alert, make moves quickly and effectively. Gross motor skills are also formed due to constant use of hands and speedy reflexes.

3.  It increases memory capacity

Games require you to be alert, make moves effectively, and meet random goals leading to an increase in the memory capacity of an individual. This would be relevant in real-life situations where you have to process information and produce results very quickly. It helps gamers work well under pressure, multitask and solve problems quickly. The increased working memory capacity can be beneficial in patients suffering from reduced cognitive abilities, e.g., Dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease.

4.  It improves focus

The brain is conditioned to ignore distractions while playing a video game to promote alertness and concentration solely on the task you have to solve. As your interest grows in the game, your attention span as well as focus also increases. This is why video gamers hardly engage in serious conversations with other people and do not give in to distractions while gaming to stay concentrated and productive. For people with hyperactivity and can’t concentrate on one thing simultaneously, playing video games can increase concentration for more extended periods.

In summary, the human brain can adjust to change and develop better with practice. Video games are one way to improve coordination, muscle motor skills, focus, attention span, intellectual, and cognitive abilities.… Read More...

COVID-19 Impacted the Travel Merchant Industry

Travel Merchants Hit Hard by the Covid-19 Virus

Virtually every business in the country has been impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic in one way or another. However, there are certain sectors that have been hit the hardest or face a longer road to recovery. Travel industry is one such sector. Travel and tourism sector, particularly travel merchants, are hit hard by the virus. A recent report by High Risk Merchant Account LLC, a specialist in travel merchant accounts, stated that merchant credit card processing figures are down by 80% in the travel industry. The travel business is at standstill and recovery seems almost impossible. In the United States, about 64% of travel agencies have laid off at least half of their employees. And the turnover of the sector as a whole is still falling.

The reason behind this devastating impact on travel merchants is pretty simple: The Coronavirus pandemic forced countries to close their borders and added many travel safety concerns. These, combined with the uncertainty of COVID-19, has made many people to be less included to book a trip. This has left travel merchants feeling pressure with numbers at their lowest in what should be their busiest season.

Another unfortunate impact of COVID-19 on travel merchants is that they have to work around the clock without making a dime. This is because the travel agency sector is all about commission works and travel merchants and agents don’t get paid until their clients actually travel. Not to mention they have spent the past few months simply rescheduling or cancelling bookings without making a dime. In fact, when the pandemic first hit in March, these agents spent most of their time just trying to get their clients home from abroad. Because of the global pandemic, people are still uneasy about traveling so the recovery process of these agencies is slow.

Apart from this, these merchants are also currently facing a situation where they don’t really have a product to sell. Travel merchants and tour operators sell travel and there’s nothing that they can sell if travel is not happening. Unlike restaurants, beauty salons, and cafes that have closed, they have products that they can still sell – the beauty salons still have products to sell and restaurants and cafes do takeaways. But for travel merchants, there is no other products that they can sell.

The Coronavirus pandemic has severely impacted online travel merchants as well because of the huge decline in travelers and a sharp increase in booking refunds and cancellations. These merchants are now focusing on finding different ways to cut down on costs. For instance, a number of online hotel booking and airline ticketing platforms have moved from focusing on sales to customer service because there is an overwhelming demand for ticket rescheduling and refunds.

However, despite taking the hardest hit by virus and making virtually no revenue since the global outbreak started and having to pay back fees for cancelled trips, many travel merchants hope that … Read More...

Tips on How to Plan Exotic Holidays and some Exotic Places around The World that You can Visit

Everyone at one point in time wants to go on a holiday to someplace new in the world. Truth is, there are countless places where you can go for a holiday in the world. After all, there is a saying, the world is full of exotic places but you just need to find the right online travel agencies to help you discover them. There are several reasons people plan an exotic holiday. It could be because of romantic reasons; maybe an anniversary with your spouse, a “baycation” or even a honeymoon. People also plan holidays to get away from their stressful lives or to just go out to explore the world. In recent times, holiday travels around the world have been constantly made easy by travel companies likejustGo where you book online.

In the subsequent part of this article, we will be showing you some important tips on planning an exotic holiday in exotic places around the world that you can consider visiting.

Get your passport and visa ready

The tip to planning that exotic holiday is to get your visa and passport travel-ready. If you are planning to go fit an exotic holiday outside your country or continent, then you will need a passport, so begin all the necessary processes to get your passport and visa ready for travel to avoid any form of delay. If you have a passport already, then ensure that you check the validity date before you start your trip to avoid disappointment. As an extra tip, check if your holiday destination requires you to have a tourist visa.

Organize a travel budget

Always have in mind the cost of your trip, even when you are using an all-inclusive travel agency trip. Understand that you need a budget to work with, it is an exotic holiday, but you should try and get familiar with the price of things in your destination country. On all your budget, be sure to add an extra amount, in the case or price change or you have to get something like a souvenir. Also, before you begin your trip try and find out places that have the cheapest exchange rate to avoid too much spending.

Take care of your health

It takes nothing much to always be conscious of your health. So, before you go on that exotic holiday trip, it is in your best interest to take proper care of your health first. You cannot exactly tell what health challenges you might face on your travel, and this is why you must have an active health insurance plan because it is cheaper than paying for medicals right there. Also, before you go for an exotic holiday, it is important that you think about getting vaccines for exotic diseases like Malaria or Diphtheria. Do not forget that some vaccines require you to repeat then. If you are travelling to a country with a high risk of Malaria infection, ensure that you take a mosquito net along, however, since … Read More...