How to Prepare for a Long Walking Tour


Are you preparing for a long walk tour? If you have registered for an intended hike through Greece, Italy, Spain, Uk, or France, you should take some measures to help preserve the endurance, prevent grievous feet, cuts, and blisters. You should check hotel reviews first before planning your trip to know the best location to rest your head when you are tired. Here is a list of tips for walking tours and how to prepare yourself for numerous activities.

Below are tips you can put into consideration before emerging on your trip.

Hydrate yourself

Just as a medical team will say to you always, stay hydrated! It is not by drinking wine or cocktails! Make sure that you drink water frequently when you go. If it is practical, hydrate yourself every 10 minutes. Better to sip than to snack.

Lubricate your feet

We often walk on uneven surfaces. You would be surprised how healthier your feet feel if you apply anything like Vaseline, Glide, or any foot cream on your feet. It makes an immense difference.

Cut your toenails

With much going on a walking trip, the simple treatment for your feet is easy to forget. Please cut those toenails nice and short. If they are too long, you might lose a toenail. You may want to wait until after you are finished walking to get a pedicure. You will put a great deal of wear and tear on those feet.


This is not the time to eat foods rich in high iron for dieting. There are meat proteins such as beef, fish, and seafood. Eat small meals during a walking trip, if you can. Eating four or more small meals is better than eating one large one. It will help retain your vitality and prevent you from feeling weighed down. Eat food that is fresh instead of fast food. It can make a significant change in your energy level and how you feel in general.

Follow a regime of cardio exercise

Although you do not have to get out and begin to walk ten miles every day to prepare for a walking trip, it is necessary to do more aerobic exercise every week. It will help you develop your stamina and how much you will feel breezy when walking. Walking is best, but with jogging, bicycling, and other workouts will increase your heart rate, you can also supplement your exercise.

Practice with a trekking pole

Trekking poles are excellent instruments to achieve stability when walking up hills. As they take the weight off the joints in your lower body, they can also be extremely beneficial for walkers with knee, leg, or back problems

Take the proper gear

Do not bother to spend a lot of cash on a whole new wardrobe to go on a self-guided walking tour. However, you want to be ready as it can be very awkward to have the wrong clothing. Bring lightweight, moisture-wicking clothes, such as Berrylook shoes, polypropylene shirts, and wash-and-wear jeans. When you buy new walking shoes, do not forget to break them in advance of your trip to avoid blisters down the road.

Survival and First Aid kit

Without considering an often-overlooked item, our tips for walking tours would not be complete. To be fully prepared to do a lot of walking or travelling in general, a simple first aid kit is so necessary. In a sandwich-style zip lock baggie, bring a small first aid kit. A few bandages, bug spray sunblock, antibiotic ointment, lotion, chapstick, dental floss, tweezers, sunglasses, and a hat are also considered a simple survival kit.

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