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Whether you and your family travel by plane, train, car, bus or – alternatively – boat, we have all the most ingenious, cheap, and convenient games to keep yourself and your tiny tots all trip long. Road trips can be very exciting – as well as engaging – a lot of the time. However, on those long stretches of road on the way to your destination, it’s very helpful to have some simple games on hand so that no one gets bored easily.

Road Trip Travel Games

This very handy app includes instructions for several different go-to games such as Eye Spy, 21 Questions, and the ABC game, giving some of the world’s most classic road games a 21st century surprise. The games have been created for all ages. The app also introduces a gas calculator, timers, and easy-to-use scorekeeping tools.

Carpool Karaoke The Mic 2.0

Music lovers who are looking for road trip basics should really consider this carpool karaoke mic for their next trip. This microphone rapidly connects to your car utilising Bluetooth or an auxiliary cord. It comes with a rechargeable battery which lasts anywhere up to six hours. Your family will be able to sing along to your favourite songs, in addition to six voice-changing effects as well as three sound effects to make it a lot more fun. Fun lighting effects also sync with your music to make the experience even more unique. This will definitely make any long car journey more exciting!

“Who Am I?”

The classic game is the ultimate brain teaser make sure that the whole car is kept thinking and laughing the whole way to your destination! This is a discussion game where one person thinks about a person or animal and then the others take turns asking yes/no questions to try and figure out who/what it is.

Rory’s Story Cubes

Encourage children to embrace their creative side with this imaginative storytelling app. The game encompasses nine dice and 54 images which prompt players to put together the most imaginative tale they can dream up to go together with the pictures on the screen. The app is available in several different languages, and user reviews push its easy-to-use functionality. Family members are able to take turns to discover who is the most captivating storyteller of them all.


Rubberneckers is one of the most vibrant road trip travel games that are available today. It’s the perfect travel gift for families who are always on the road. This game features a combination of games and activities which are popular for road trips, including “I Spy”-type activities to keep kids — and adults — engaged for hours at a time.

Don’t Say It

Here’s some advice for making a long ride far more exciting. This road trip game for children will keep them awake – as well as on their toes – during the trip. Players (or ingenious parents) can come up with between three and five words or phrases which are prohibited for the rest of the trip or until an event takes place. At the end of the trip, the player with the lowest penalty wins.

Auto Bingo

Here’s a very cool alternative to the scavenger hunt — bingo! No, it’s not quite the version you’d find at sites like Lotus Asia casino, but it follows the same premise. Each card has lots of items that you need to look for. The first one to get five in a row wins!

Story Creation

It’s high time to kick your children’s imagination into high gear with this amazing word game road trip game. One person chooses three words such as “pineapple”, “squid”, and “tornado”. The rest of the car must attempt to make up a story that utilises all three words.

In My Suitcase

Why not add in a fun memory game into your road trip? The first person begins by saying, “I’m going on vacation, and I packed…” Complete the sentence with any item that starts with the letter A.

The next player needs to repeat the sentence stated by the first player and include an item to the list starting with the letter B. Keep on going and see how many letters you can get through before someone forgets!

Trivia Crack

Speaking about quizzes, Trivia Crack is possibly the most notable quiz and trivia game on the mobile market at the moment. This makes it an ideal companion for the road. It can be adjusted for different levels and this game will test your knowledge of topics such as art, science, pop culture/entertainment, geography, history as well as sports. Family members can team up or fight for the coveted crown as individual players. You may want to make sure that overly competitive family members are contained by their seat belts!

Mad Libs

Test your knowledge of fundamental grammar (just be very glad that there are no blanks for “gerunds”) while competing with your family to see who is able to create the silliest, most unusual story. It’s an upgraded classic that’s guaranteed to generate lots of giggles.

Alphabet Chain

Everyone really loves a great alphabet game. There are just sufficient letters to make sure that it is kept interesting while not taking too long to go through it. The aim of the game is to pinpoint each letter of the alphabet on signs, licence plates, and other objects you pass by. You can make it competitive or collective dependent on the crowd.


This app is as fun as it is confusing. It’s very rare to find a multiplayer, multi-device game which works perfectly on mobile, however Spaceteam does the job very well. Meant for two to eight players, the game pits teams against each another with a number of time-sensitive instructions for saving a stressed spaceship. Collaboration is vital, and families will have so much fun figuring out how to figure out the “technobabble” instructions.


Delivered to you by the creators of What Do You Meme?, “Shotgun!” is perfect for players who are 12 and older who really need a fun activity to do during a road trip. While one player usually reads the cards (as the name suggests, that’s normally the person sitting shotgun), everyone else in the car is tasked with playing based on a prompt.

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