4 Cognitive Benefits of Playing Video Games

There’s a common misconception that people who play video games are dull and waste their time on their mobile devices. This is untrue because there are many benefits and positive effects to video gaming that can even influence interpersonal relationships, social skills, good moral virtues, brain development, and memory.

In this article, you get to know and understand the various cognitive effects of videogames on people. ReviewsBird.com offers customer reviews on video gaming apps that can improve cognition.

Here are four cognitive benefits of playing video games.

1.  It improves your problem-solving and critical-thinking abilities

Critical thinking is a likable skill that enables an individual to make use of observable signs and evaluate proven sources to make good judgments. By playing video games and crossing various game stages, you’re indirectly thinking of creative ways to effectively and efficiently solve a problem and improve your approach to specific game challenges. The real-life application of this is persistence and patience. That is when faced with a problem; you wouldn’t give up as quickly as other people.

2.  It improves your hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills

Hand-eye coordination entails using your hands and eyes simultaneously, uniting visual perception and motor skills. Gross motor skills are skills that are involved in the coordination of major muscular body parts such as the arms, legs and include running, jumping, and swimming. Concerning video games, hand-eye coordination involves using a pad and screen simultaneously, while gross motor skills are the constant movement of the hands. Compared to non-gamers, people who frequently participate in video games have better developed hand-eye coordination as you have to be alert, make moves quickly and effectively. Gross motor skills are also formed due to constant use of hands and speedy reflexes.

3.  It increases memory capacity

Games require you to be alert, make moves effectively, and meet random goals leading to an increase in the memory capacity of an individual. This would be relevant in real-life situations where you have to process information and produce results very quickly. It helps gamers work well under pressure, multitask and solve problems quickly. The increased working memory capacity can be beneficial in patients suffering from reduced cognitive abilities, e.g., Dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease.

4.  It improves focus

The brain is conditioned to ignore distractions while playing a video game to promote alertness and concentration solely on the task you have to solve. As your interest grows in the game, your attention span as well as focus also increases. This is why video gamers hardly engage in serious conversations with other people and do not give in to distractions while gaming to stay concentrated and productive. For people with hyperactivity and can’t concentrate on one thing simultaneously, playing video games can increase concentration for more extended periods.

In summary, the human brain can adjust to change and develop better with practice. Video games are one way to improve coordination, muscle motor skills, focus, attention span, intellectual, and cognitive abilities.… Read More...


Sustainability And Tourism: What’s the Connection?

Sustainable tourism is described as economically viable while not depleting the resources on which tourism’s future depends, mainly the surroundings and the fabric of hosting society.

Till the end of the last decade, tourism was regarded as a lucrative industry with few entry barriers, a nearly universal welcoming from authorities, and, for the most part, few efficient policy standards to consider the environment.

However, the tourism industry has ushered in a period in which public and private sector leaders and many local people were enthralled by the prospect of making fast money from exploiting what were once thought to be freely accessible resources. 

Considering all this, enforcing ESG standards for sustainability in the tourism industry is crucial. Let’s understand why.

Sustainability and Tourism

When we talk about ESG, it is more about sustainability encompassing many topics, including ecological system security, environmental sustainability, resource quality, the valuation of ecological assets, and the identification of limitations imposed by the complexities of environmental variables. 

  • Sustainability makes the best possible use of natural resources, which are a critical component of tourism aspects, preserving important ecological processes and contributing to the preservation of natural biodiversity and ecology.
  • Sustainability leads to intercultural tolerance and understanding by respecting the socio-cultural authenticity of host societies, preserving developed, living cultural heritage and traditional values.
  • Sustainable offers enhanced economic viability by ensuring equitable socio-economic benefits to the community, such as secure jobs and income-earning prospects, welfare care to host populations, and reducing poverty.

Sustainability also necessitates consideration of externalized costs, the environment, and their effect on the tourist industry. The consideration of axioms that characterize sustainability serves as the foundation for evaluating the types of externalities. It’s about taking into account a variety of long-term factors that will influence tourism economic growth. 

Can Tech Help?

Tourism influences the climate, economy, and society. Sustainable tourism focuses on enhancing positive impacts while minimizing negative ones. And as a global community, we can achieve it with technology offering different standards of ESG applications to help industry leaders apply sustainability rules smoothly. 

Incorporating digital technology into the tourism sector (which involves all companies that directly offer products or services to promote business, pleasure, or hobbies far from the domestic surroundings) leads to profound changes in how the world engages in business, interacts, and evolves on a global scale.

Tourism providers will take advantage of many new opportunities brought on by digitization. Around the same time, competitiveness is heating up, and businesses must keep up with digital technology to stay competitive. Aside from this, ESG standards are essential to abide by. Let’s see how.


It is important to understand that promoting sustainable travel is not only a public responsibility, and governments should strictly impose green rules.

Although tourism has been universally praised for its benefits, there is an increasing awareness to view tourism in its natural context. 

To recognize that tourism and the climate are inextricably linked and to strengthen the meaningful connection between tourism, the environment, and poverty alleviation, it is necessary … Read More...


Top Rated Places to See in Honolulu

There are so many things to do on Oahu for visitors and residents alike.  If you’re the adventurous type you can challenge yourself to explore Honolulu by sea, by land or by air. 

Regardless which you prefer, you will definitely find enough to do and explore during your visit.

The Hawaiian islands are mostly known for their natural beauty and there’s plenty to do.  The best way to take advantage of everything that Oahu offers is to plan a bit ahead and leave some room for spontaneous activities too.  The first thing to consider is the length of your stay.  Be realistic about how much you can pack into your stay. Remember that the island is a great place to go slowly and relax, so if you have visions of frantically ticking off a to-do list, you may be missing the point of visiting. 

Alright, so let’s get into some of the top spots to visit during your vacation.

Diamond Head State Monument

If you’re an avid hiker you don’t want to miss the Diamond Head State Monument. Something to keep in mind is this is one of the most popular attractions on Oahu so it will be a bit crowded.  Your best bet is to get their earlier in the day so you’re not fighting the crowds on the trail.  Another advantage of getting there early is that you won’t be there when the sun is at its hottest. 

You may also want to take these tips into account.  Make sure that you take plenty of water with you.  There are no water fountains at the park and it can get very hot.  There are not a lot of shady spots along the trail and if you are going when the sun is at its highest you will definitely need your own water to stay hydrated.  Definitely put on sunscreen and wear a hat.

Pearl Harbor

For history buffs there’s plenty to see in Honolulu as well. The famous site of the Pearl Harbor attack is a well preserved homage to all who served and perished on that day. 

The monument poignantly exhibits the amount of devastation brought to the island on that fateful day in December. You can take a somber walk out to the monument and look over the railing where the USS Arizona still lays.  

Tickets are free but are limited to 1300 a day. You can either plan to get there early to grab one or reserve one in advance online.  If you prefer to be guided through the experience there are audio tours available as well as in person tours.  

Waikiki Beach

The famed Waikiki beach is a must when you visit. This iconic beach has attracted surfers and beach lovers over many years, even attracting Hawaiian royalty in centuries past.  What makes this beach a favorite for visitors?  Well, for starters, the soft sand and beautiful waves lapping the shore make this beach a perfect place to frolic, surf and relax. In addition … Read More...


COVID-19 Impacted the Travel Merchant Industry

Travel Merchants Hit Hard by the Covid-19 Virus

Virtually every business in the country has been impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic in one way or another. However, there are certain sectors that have been hit the hardest or face a longer road to recovery. Travel industry is one such sector. Travel and tourism sector, particularly travel merchants, are hit hard by the virus. A recent report by High Risk Merchant Account LLC, a specialist in travel merchant accounts, stated that merchant credit card processing figures are down by 80% in the travel industry. The travel business is at standstill and recovery seems almost impossible. In the United States, about 64% of travel agencies have laid off at least half of their employees. And the turnover of the sector as a whole is still falling.

The reason behind this devastating impact on travel merchants is pretty simple: The Coronavirus pandemic forced countries to close their borders and added many travel safety concerns. These, combined with the uncertainty of COVID-19, has made many people to be less included to book a trip. This has left travel merchants feeling pressure with numbers at their lowest in what should be their busiest season.

Another unfortunate impact of COVID-19 on travel merchants is that they have to work around the clock without making a dime. This is because the travel agency sector is all about commission works and travel merchants and agents don’t get paid until their clients actually travel. Not to mention they have spent the past few months simply rescheduling or cancelling bookings without making a dime. In fact, when the pandemic first hit in March, these agents spent most of their time just trying to get their clients home from abroad. Because of the global pandemic, people are still uneasy about traveling so the recovery process of these agencies is slow.

Apart from this, these merchants are also currently facing a situation where they don’t really have a product to sell. Travel merchants and tour operators sell travel and there’s nothing that they can sell if travel is not happening. Unlike restaurants, beauty salons, and cafes that have closed, they have products that they can still sell – the beauty salons still have products to sell and restaurants and cafes do takeaways. But for travel merchants, there is no other products that they can sell.

The Coronavirus pandemic has severely impacted online travel merchants as well because of the huge decline in travelers and a sharp increase in booking refunds and cancellations. These merchants are now focusing on finding different ways to cut down on costs. For instance, a number of online hotel booking and airline ticketing platforms have moved from focusing on sales to customer service because there is an overwhelming demand for ticket rescheduling and refunds.

However, despite taking the hardest hit by virus and making virtually no revenue since the global outbreak started and having to pay back fees for cancelled trips, many travel merchants hope that … Read More...


How to Prepare for a Long Walking Tour

Are you preparing for a long walk tour? If you have registered for an intended hike through Greece, Italy, Spain, Uk, or France, you should take some measures to help preserve the endurance, prevent grievous feet, cuts, and blisters. You should check hotel reviews first before planning your trip to know the best location to rest your head when you are tired. Here is a list of tips for walking tours and how to prepare yourself for numerous activities.

Below are tips you can put into consideration before emerging on your trip.

Hydrate yourself

Just as a medical team will say to you always, stay hydrated! It is not by drinking wine or cocktails! Make sure that you drink water frequently when you go. If it is practical, hydrate yourself every 10 minutes. Better to sip than to snack.

Lubricate your feet

We often walk on uneven surfaces. You would be surprised how healthier your feet feel if you apply anything like Vaseline, Glide, or any foot cream on your feet. It makes an immense difference.

Cut your toenails

With much going on a walking trip, the simple treatment for your feet is easy to forget. Please cut those toenails nice and short. If they are too long, you might lose a toenail. You may want to wait until after you are finished walking to get a pedicure. You will put a great deal of wear and tear on those feet.


This is not the time to eat foods rich in high iron for dieting. There are meat proteins such as beef, fish, and seafood. Eat small meals during a walking trip, if you can. Eating four or more small meals is better than eating one large one. It will help retain your vitality and prevent you from feeling weighed down. Eat food that is fresh instead of fast food. It can make a significant change in your energy level and how you feel in general.

Follow a regime of cardio exercise

Although you do not have to get out and begin to walk ten miles every day to prepare for a walking trip, it is necessary to do more aerobic exercise every week. It will help you develop your stamina and how much you will feel breezy when walking. Walking is best, but with jogging, bicycling, and other workouts will increase your heart rate, you can also supplement your exercise.

Practice with a trekking pole

Trekking poles are excellent instruments to achieve stability when walking up hills. As they take the weight off the joints in your lower body, they can also be extremely beneficial for walkers with knee, leg, or back problems

Take the proper gear

Do not bother to spend a lot of cash on a whole new wardrobe to go on a self-guided walking tour. However, you want to be ready as it can be very awkward to have the wrong clothing. Bring lightweight, moisture-wicking clothes, such as Berrylook shoes, polypropylene shirts, and … Read More...