What are the Types of Aircraft Hardware?


To make your life easier when repairing aircraft, you should learn about the types of aircraft hardware. These items include Plate nuts, Disc spacers, engine tension bolts, Taper-Lok fasteners, and header bolts. It’s also essential to understand the importance of the proper hardware for a given aircraft model. Using the wrong type of hardware can pose a significant risk. Fortunately, there are several places where you can learn about aircraft

Plate nuts

The number of different types of plate nuts in aircraft hardware kits is nearly endless. Each one has a different size, threads per inch, and material. Some are made from stainless steel, others of aluminum alloy. They also come in a variety of configurations. Some versions are self-locking.

If you’re a seasoned mechanic, plate nuts in aircraft hardware kits are essential to your toolbox. These bolts and nuts are manufactured with tight tolerances. They have a standard number of threads in the correct series and several extra lines to ensure they fit securely.

Plate nuts in aircraft hardware kits have several uses, including blind mount installations and disassembly. They are also often used on battery connections and hose clamps. Plate nuts can be used to keep things together and are often hand-tightened. They’re also used in difficult-to-reach areas. hardware.

Disc spacers

Several aerospace hardware kits include disc spacers. These are used in aircraft to secure tubing and wiring away from the aircraft’s structure. These kits are available in various lengths, from short to long, and include high-strength MS21250 bolts. They also come with countersunk washers and high-strength nuts.

Engine tension bolts

When installing aircraft hardware, be sure to use aircraft-grade bolts. These are manufactured under stringent conditions and are rigidly inspected to ensure they will not strip or bend. Typically, aircraft-grade bolts are long with fine threads and a nut or washer. The cables should be snug, and no more than one thread should be visible in the hole. The bolt should also be tightened to the specified torque before installation.

An aircraft bolt is made of corrosion-resistant steel and heat-treated to over 125,000 psi. Unlike most bolts, aircraft bolts should be used only on aircraft.

Taper-Lok fasteners

These rivets have smooth cylindrical shafts and a head on one end. They are used in aircraft to secure metal pieces together. After the shank is inserted into matched holes in the parts, the rivet tip upsets to create a second head and clamps the parts together. These rivets also come with aerospace collars, which fit lock bolt rivets.

Fasteners for aircraft are generally made of aluminum. It’s a lightweight metal, which helps reduce weight. However, it has its limitations. Aluminum rivets need to be surface-treated to avoid rust and corrosion. Al7075 is the most common aluminum alloy. This type of aluminum has high tensile strength and resistance to fatigue. It’s also corrosion-resistant. In addition, titanium weighs less than steel, which makes it an excellent alternative.

Header bolts

Header bolts are essential for ensuring proper alignment when it comes to assembling aircraft parts. These bolts come with various features, such as a standard grip length, threads per inch, and locknut diameter. They also usually come with washers and several lines to ensure proper engagement.

Header bolts are typically metric but can also be standard U.S. sizes. Some manufacturers, sell universal header bolt kits, which feature 5/16-inch wrenching heads. Some of these kits also include an ultrathin-walled, 12-point aerospace socket.

Header bolts are used for aircraft construction, although you can use screws instead. Bolts intended for aircraft construction will usually have a marking on the head. Commercial-grade bolts, on the other hand, will not have a marking. The markings on aircraft bolts will also vary from manufacturer to the next. You’ll want to choose corrosion-resistant bolts, which have a raised dash.

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