6 Holiday Souvenirs from West Nusa Tenggara


Having a vacation to West Nusa Tenggara (also known as NTB) and visiting the mandalika circuit motogp doesn’t feel complete if you don’t buy local souvenirs. Apart from having beautiful landscapes and stunning sea views, this island offers no less interesting souvenirs. Not only food or snacks, but you can also bring a variety of authentic souvenirs home.

So, what are the typical souvenirs from West Nusa Tenggara? Let’s check them out below!

Kumbi Coffee

NTB has yet to be heard of as having coffee that is as famous as Flores coffee. But it turns out that in NTB, there is coffee that is no less delicious, namely kumbi coffee. This indonesian coffee is produced in Kumbi Village and is gaining popularity in 2019. This robusta coffee has a complete taste, such as jackfruit, herbal, to chocolate.

Seaweed Dodol (traditional jelly)

If you usually enjoy Garut dodol or Betawi dodol, this typical NTB dodol is sure to be an interesting snack. Unlike brown dodol, this seaweed dodol is colourful. The texture is similar to jelly, and the taste tends to be sweet and fresh. You can taste it first before buying this dodol for souvenirs.

Ketak Webbing

Beleka Village is a village that is famous as a village for making ketak webbing. The name of this ketak webbing is taken from a wild plant called “ketak”, which is woven into various shapes, such as serving hoods, reticules, jars, trays, and others. If you visit this village, you can see firsthand how artisans make these handicrafts. You can also practice making the webbing with the help of artisans.

Kendi Maling (Thief Jug)

Psst, this has nothing to do with thieves! A thief jug is a pottery craft in the form of a jar with a long narrow neck. Since the neck is slim, you must pour water from under the jug. Unique, right? The pitcher produced in Banyumelek Village is one of the souvenirs tourists hunt for because of its unique shape and affordable price.


You probably have never heard of the name, but you know its form. Cukli is a piece of shell usually used as woodworking decoration. Generally, this craft is in the form of a table, a jewelry box, a tissue box, and so on. Cukli handicrafts are produced in Lendang Village. If you want to go to the centre, you can go to Kampung Lendang Re. Besides buying cukli crafts, you can also learn how the process is made.

Ikat Woven

When you hear the word woven cloth, you immediately think of Sukarara Village. This village is indeed famous for its unique ikat woven and songket products. In Sukarara Village, the weavers are women because they are required to be able to weave from a young age. There are various choices of woven and songket fabrics. There are even some fabrics that have their own meaning according to the locals.

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