All the Information You Need for a Singles Cruise


A singles cruise is becoming a new way for adults to meet their significant other or maybe experience a summer fling. In addition to this, some individuals may be looking for dog friendly vacation ideas. If so, most cruises are pet friendly, and taking your pet on a singles cruise can be a great way to meet like-minded individuals. Moreover, if you are prone to seasickness, a cruise may not be ideal. However, there are companies such as Presitgia that offer hotel accommodation. In addition, one can use prestigia com reviews to see what previous customers thought of their experience with the company and if they would use them again.     

What is a singles cruise?

A singles cruise may just be the perfect summer vacation for you to go on and live your best single life. A singles cruise is an event that takes place onboard a cruise ship. Travel agencies usually organize these events. Therefore it is not a cruise ship that is solely for singles. It is just events that the cruise ship holds for their single guests.  

How a single cruise works

When booking a singles cruise, there is usually the option of meeting your other fellow single travelers before boarding. Often you will be invited to a private Facebook group where you can get to know the other singles, and there is usually a pre-mixer before everyone boards the ship. Additionally, when booking, there is the option to share a room, usually with someone of the same sex, which is beneficial if you want to save money; otherwise, you can have the space to yourself if you are willing to pay extra. Once onboard, you will receive a schedule for all of the events that will take place. Usually, the itinerary includes cocktail parties, exercise classes, game tournaments, etc. A cruise director will conduct these events and maintain a happy and fun environment. Additionally, one can attend organized shore trips within the group. However, these cost extra.   

How to book a singles cruise

If you want to take an adventure and go on a singles cruise, book with a travel agent such as to ensure you get the singles package. Additionally, Carnival, Celebrity Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line, and Royal Caribbean are all cruise lines that organize singles cruises. 

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