Catamaran Tour Isla Mujeres is One of The Most Comprehensive Cancun Tours


Your journey jungle tour in Cancun is at Marina Aquators in the Cancun Hotel Zone. Once there, meet the staff who will train you on how to play your newly acquired speedboat master and commander. When you find out, hop on board your high-speed boat on your first voyage down the beautiful mangrove channel that winds along the lagoon. Admire the lagoon’s vastness as you stroll to your destination — the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef.

Jump into the clear Caribbean waters

Who can come to visit these warm Caribbean waters and resist the urge to dive right in? Lucky for you, there’s nothing to stop you, so what better way to relax and cool off than to enjoy a 30-minute exotic snorkelling exploration amidst the sea of ​​colour surrounding you on the way? Your Jungle Tour experience includes snorkelling equipment. You will receive a free snorkel tube as a souvenir of your experience swimming in the world’s second-largest coral formation.

Snorkel among the colourful marine life

Coral reef ecosystems provide valuable habitats for rich marine life. The Mesoamerican Barrier Reef is home to more than 65 species of rock coral and more than 500 species of fish, not to mention many endangered and protected species such as sea turtles. You’ll find it impossible not to be wholly enveloped in the colour, texture and abundance of marine life on this Cancun Jungle Tour.

Once you’re done snorkelling, you’ll steer your boat back to the marina for one more chance to satisfy your need for speed. With so many possible thrills and unforgettable moments, you should take a Jungle Tour during your visit to the Mexican Caribbean.

Catamaran Tour to Isla Mujeres is one of the most comprehensive Cancun tours you can take with your friends, family or partner, regardless of whether they are expert swimmers if you choose this Isla Mujeres catamaran tour to fulfil your dream of swimming with dolphins.

You can tour downtown Isla Mujeres to see the people, shop before the big day event, and swim with the dolphins in Isla Mujeres! Bottlenose dolphins are friendly and intelligent creatures. You will enjoy magical encounters with kisses.

Swim with dolphins on the catamaran tour Isla Mujeres excursion on your holiday to Cancun. Enjoy unforgettable encounters with dolphins. Interact with them on external platforms; Accept the flip-flops and kisses, watch them dance and jump, and let yourself be taken on a fun journey with them.

Dolphin Royal Swim

Stop imagining what it’s like to swim with dolphins; it’s time to start living this fantastic experience on Isla Mujeres. Your journey begins when you board the ferry and enjoy the beautiful turquoise view of the Caribbean sea; once you arrive on the island, you will enjoy the best experience with dolphins. It is the most comprehensive dolphin swimming program to enjoy during your stay in Cancun Isla Mujeres!

Dolphin Encounter

You don’t have to be a professional swimmer to have the best dolphin experience. Every moment you stand on an underwater platform, where beautiful dolphins will come to give you kisses, warm hugs and waves of flippers. While on the forum, our specialists will share interesting facts about these marine mammals, such as their diet, reproduction and care programme, and tips to protect our environment.

Dolphin Swim Adventure

In this program, you can do special activities like petting, hugging, and kissing adorable dolphins. However, the fun begins when you experience the sensation of your back pulling and pushing your feet. For even more underwater fun, you can snorkel to see countless beautiful rays and interact with one of the world’s most docile creatures. Dolphin Spotting Attractions – Hug and kiss adorable dolphins.

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