How to Visit All The Museums in Amsterdam?


Few cities in the world can boast the cultural and artistic legacy as Amsterdam can. Although it is a small city, it offers a wide variety of museums to visit. Options such as the Moco Museum exhibit a wide variety of art pieces and sculptures that leave over one with their mouth open. If you are planning your visit to this colorful city and want to visit all the museums, plan how you will move from one museum to another. You should also make sure that you can access them. That is why you should look for Amsterdam museum tickets on the Internet before you make your trip. This way you will be able to buy tickets in advance and be able to create an agenda more easily.

Use Google Maps to create an itinerary

Nowadays, it is common to see low-end or mid-range cell phones that have GPS technology and the Google Maps application. Using a computer, you can access Google Maps with your GMAIL account. There you can see the different museums in Amsterdam and create an optimal route. That is a way to move from one museum to another using your feet or a bicycle. Google Maps shows you the distance between two museums and allows you to set a route and save it. For example, you can define a route for the first day you visit Amsterdam. Using your phone, Google Maps, and GPS, you can stick to this route and make the most of your trip. You can even see the museum in enlarged reality and decide if it’s a good option for you or not.

Set extra times

During your time in Amsterdam, you might come across curious places that you had not considered visiting in your plans. Therefore, you should not set a tight itinerary or your trip could become boring. Depending on the number of days you will be in Amsterdam, you can visit each museum for 1 or 2 hours and leave a margin of 1 hour free between visits. If you come across something interesting, you can take that hour to find out more about that place. That will add variety to your trip. If you don’t, you might feel you are missing out on the opportunity to visit new places. Did you know Amsterdam has a card that gives you a free pass to many places? It’s called “IAmsterdam” and you can use it to access museums, ferry rides, transportation, etc.

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