Plan Your Sailing Trip


When you are planning a sailing adventure, there are many things that need to be planned well in advance. By doing so, you can ensure that your sailing experience was not only adventurous but successful too. The most challenging task especially if its long-distance sailing is to figure out what foods to eat. However, there is nothing like relishing the best meals on deck especially in the middle of nowhere.

There is no denying that food tastes so much better outdoors and hence planning it ahead is indeed worth it. You can do your calculations beforehand on how much food you would require if it’s a month-long trip. The best way to pack food is to portion it and wrap each portion before you freeze it. Also, labeling them is yet another task that most people tend to forget. Therefore, here are some useful tips to make your sailing adventure a memorable one.

Be Smart When it Comes to Water

When you are going on longer trips especially to remote destinations, the biggest challenge is the water. Most boaters install a water maker although it is an expensive option. If you don’t have a water maker, the tanks can be filled up at marinas using potable water. Suppose you are left with no option, you must be aware of the number of gallons of water that your tank can carry – though on a catamaran charter in Greece you’re normally not too far away from the next water refill station. When you conserve water, use jugs as a backup. When you catch rainwater, you can manage for three weeks or more as there is no need to replenish before that. Make use of saltwater for cooking and to wash dishes.

Fill the Propane Tank before You Start Sail

Well, this is one of the most crucial steps as there is nothing more dangerous than realizing you are short of propane and your grill requires a new starter while firing up the grill. Besides, if at all you have more than one propane tank, try to open only one as you don’t want to open and empty out both accidentally.

Prepare More and More Lists

The key to successful sailing is to prepare your mind and have a list of to-do things ready. Some of the lists that you need to include are the provisioning list, packing list, boat project list, and parts list.

Carry Various Options for Entertainment

When it comes to decompression, it doesn’t take too long. However, when you do, the best part about water is the way the water expands. In no time, you may find that your fractured focus is going deeper. You may also figure out that you can read books and more than you thought. Even if you are not too much into reading, you will still enjoy reading when you are on a sailboat. Therefore, carry more books along with portable speakers as you would enjoy listening to music as well, besides, a deck of cards, board games, and more. These are some of the tips you can consider while planning a sailing trip alone or with family.

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