Sustainability And Tourism: What’s the Connection?

Sustainable tourism is described as economically viable while not depleting the resources on which tourism’s future depends, mainly the surroundings and the fabric of hosting society.

Till the end of the last decade, tourism was regarded as a lucrative industry with few entry barriers, a nearly universal welcoming from authorities, and, for the most part, few efficient policy standards to consider the environment.

However, the tourism industry has ushered in a period in which public and private sector leaders and many local people were enthralled by the prospect of making fast money from exploiting what were once thought to be freely accessible resources. 

Considering all this, enforcing ESG standards for sustainability in the tourism industry is crucial. Let’s understand why.

Sustainability and Tourism

When we talk about ESG, it is more about sustainability encompassing many topics, including ecological system security, environmental sustainability, resource quality, the valuation of ecological assets, and the identification of limitations imposed by the complexities of environmental variables. 

  • Sustainability makes the best possible use of natural resources, which are a critical component of tourism aspects, preserving important ecological processes and contributing to the preservation of natural biodiversity and ecology.
  • Sustainability leads to intercultural tolerance and understanding by respecting the socio-cultural authenticity of host societies, preserving developed, living cultural heritage and traditional values.
  • Sustainable offers enhanced economic viability by ensuring equitable socio-economic benefits to the community, such as secure jobs and income-earning prospects, welfare care to host populations, and reducing poverty.

Sustainability also necessitates consideration of externalized costs, the environment, and their effect on the tourist industry. The consideration of axioms that characterize sustainability serves as the foundation for evaluating the types of externalities. It’s about taking into account a variety of long-term factors that will influence tourism economic growth. 

Can Tech Help?

Tourism influences the climate, economy, and society. Sustainable tourism focuses on enhancing positive impacts while minimizing negative ones. And as a global community, we can achieve it with technology offering different standards of ESG applications to help industry leaders apply sustainability rules smoothly. 

Incorporating digital technology into the tourism sector (which involves all companies that directly offer products or services to promote business, pleasure, or hobbies far from the domestic surroundings) leads to profound changes in how the world engages in business, interacts, and evolves on a global scale.

Tourism providers will take advantage of many new opportunities brought on by digitization. Around the same time, competitiveness is heating up, and businesses must keep up with digital technology to stay competitive. Aside from this, ESG standards are essential to abide by. Let’s see how.


It is important to understand that promoting sustainable travel is not only a public responsibility, and governments should strictly impose green rules.

Although tourism has been universally praised for its benefits, there is an increasing awareness to view tourism in its natural context. 

To recognize that tourism and the climate are inextricably linked and to strengthen the meaningful connection between tourism, the environment, and poverty alleviation, it is necessary … Read More...

Top Rated Places to See in Honolulu

There are so many things to do on Oahu for visitors and residents alike.  If you’re the adventurous type you can challenge yourself to explore Honolulu by sea, by land or by air. 

Regardless which you prefer, you will definitely find enough to do and explore during your visit.

The Hawaiian islands are mostly known for their natural beauty and there’s plenty to do.  The best way to take advantage of everything that Oahu offers is to plan a bit ahead and leave some room for spontaneous activities too.  The first thing to consider is the length of your stay.  Be realistic about how much you can pack into your stay. Remember that the island is a great place to go slowly and relax, so if you have visions of frantically ticking off a to-do list, you may be missing the point of visiting. 

Alright, so let’s get into some of the top spots to visit during your vacation.

Diamond Head State Monument

If you’re an avid hiker you don’t want to miss the Diamond Head State Monument. Something to keep in mind is this is one of the most popular attractions on Oahu so it will be a bit crowded.  Your best bet is to get their earlier in the day so you’re not fighting the crowds on the trail.  Another advantage of getting there early is that you won’t be there when the sun is at its hottest. 

You may also want to take these tips into account.  Make sure that you take plenty of water with you.  There are no water fountains at the park and it can get very hot.  There are not a lot of shady spots along the trail and if you are going when the sun is at its highest you will definitely need your own water to stay hydrated.  Definitely put on sunscreen and wear a hat.

Pearl Harbor

For history buffs there’s plenty to see in Honolulu as well. The famous site of the Pearl Harbor attack is a well preserved homage to all who served and perished on that day. 

The monument poignantly exhibits the amount of devastation brought to the island on that fateful day in December. You can take a somber walk out to the monument and look over the railing where the USS Arizona still lays.  

Tickets are free but are limited to 1300 a day. You can either plan to get there early to grab one or reserve one in advance online.  If you prefer to be guided through the experience there are audio tours available as well as in person tours.  

Waikiki Beach

The famed Waikiki beach is a must when you visit. This iconic beach has attracted surfers and beach lovers over many years, even attracting Hawaiian royalty in centuries past.  What makes this beach a favorite for visitors?  Well, for starters, the soft sand and beautiful waves lapping the shore make this beach a perfect place to frolic, surf and relax. In addition … Read More...

What is the Current Coronavirus Situation in Finland?

The Coronavirus pandemic struck the entire world at the start of 2020, till today, there are thousands of confirmed death cases still piling up. The virus has affected almost every human in the world, either by restricting movement, business, or schools. Everyone has had a taste of the bad hands of the virus. However, Finland from the onset never suffered the same fate as the rest of the other countries in Europe. Reviews on has shown that the Finnish government has tackled and kept the virus at bay in Finland. Although there are still cases of the virus in Finland, the death toll is quite low (which is good).

Aviation company, Skytours, have made some flights to Finland quite cheap. Although, they are strictly adhering to the Finnish government guidelines. Finland has managed to curb the virus better than other countries, having a total of 399 deaths and a few over 20,000 cases. The world watches and plans to learn how Finland did it. Regardless, a second wave of the virus looms in the air of Finland, and the world trusts the government of the country to be able to curtail it as best as they can.

As of today, the total number of recorded Coronavirus cases worldwide is 63.8M, with 41M recovered and 1.48M dead. Finland is recording for the entire pandemic with a total case of 25,462, having 16,800 recovered and 399 deaths. Recorded active cases have several 8,263, of which 99.8% (8,245) are experiencing mild conditions. About 0.2% (roughly 18 persons) are in a serious or critical state, battling the virus.

With the second wave, it is expected that the cases might rise to a higher number. Regardless, the Finnish government could handle it properly as they once did. Some ways they handled it include, reacting very swiftly (back in spring, when it started, they quickly went into battle). Another way was with the Coronavirus app, which was well accepted by the Finnish. As with the rest of the world, the lockdown technique, no going out, no virus! Technological advancement also played a role, a lot of people had to settle for working and schooling from home.

The Coronavirus pandemic has not only changed the behavior of consumers but increased the amount of time people spend in their homes. Finns were recorded to have made the quickest move to teleworking in Europe, and a 75% record was found that employees switched to home office entirely. The mandatory wearing of a face mask was less common in Finland. Right now, not all Finns are seen as being on a face mask. But, it is recommended that they all wear to reduce the spread or even eliminate the virus.

The best time to travel to Finland amidst the Coronavirus pandemic in the county is still unclear. As of November 19th, 2020, the government of Finland extended the travel restrictions (entry) to the 13th of December 2020. This restriction applies to non-Schengen and Schengen EU countries and the … Read More...

High Travel Destinations In The USA

Travel Destination
In the event you love traveling, you’ll quickly reach a degree where you get bored with the usual journey destinations and vacationer traps. Featuring a wide range of accommodation choices, resorts and an interesting stretch of sandy seashores, vacationers typically visit here to have some beach extravaganza and absorb some sun whilst getting drenched within the unimaginable range of activities obtainable here.

The south and west are most popular, but a visit to the Northeast can provide lovely winter trip spots. Alternatively once you journey Asia, there are various lovely cities that are low-cost and you need not spend much on touring, lodging or procuring.

It is a average hike and try to be warned that I might actually fee this hike within the upper vary of reasonable – particularly throughout summer time. Any listing describing the positivity and attraction of United States is solely incomplete if it would not include the Big Apple New York Metropolis.

These are the destinations fashionable worldwide. As one of many prime 10 journey destinations on the earth, a go to to Italy absolutely requires a tasting tour of the nation. Without any doubt probably the most famous and widespread city in France is Paris. Ideally nestled on the tip of the southern tail of Florida, the spellbinding seashore getaway destination of Key West is among the most desired and awesome getaway choices to have on the Japanese area of the United States.

Greatest Journey Locations For Girls

Travel Destination

Travel Destination

With azure waters, lovely seashores, ample water sports and a variety of accommodation, vacationers keep getting attracted to the Caribbean year after 12 months.
Travel Destination
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Unique Journey Destinations

Selecting a travel vacation spot will be the toughest part of your journey. Some locations like Africa (safari), or Maldives seashores might be planned in every week’s time. There are various travel destinations in the world that can be coated in a week’s time. The United Kingdom is among the many high 10 travel destinations as a result of this country is steeped in historical significance.

Spain, mostly visited in summer can be highly regarded beach vacation spot with its resorts of Costa Brave, Costa Dorada, Costa del Sol. The number one vacation spot for most people on the planet, France attracts over seventy five million tourists every year.

The Most Fashionable Journey Locations In The World

Travel Destination
Every country is beautiful in its own manner and is admittedly worth visiting, however there are some countries that entice much more tourists than others. The charming metropolis of the West Coast which can also be the home of the famous Hollywood signal, Los Angeles is among the many hottest and thriving getaway choices in your entire nation, prominently visited by the aspiring artists to check their luck and skills among the big crowd of people that wish to shine like a star within the sky.

There …

Distinctive Travel Destinations

Travel Destination
The world is a vast, superb place full of completely different cultures and ethnicity’s. There are additionally times of “high season” when a majority of individuals travel to certain locations and that means the prices are increased and decisions may be more limited. New York is the most visited by vacationers metropolis and Florida and California are identified for their seashore resorts.

Featuring a variety of lodging options, resorts and a captivating stretch of sandy beaches, vacationers usually visit right here to have some beach extravaganza and soak up some sun while getting drenched in the unbelievable range of actions accessible right here.

Among other in style travel destinations we can name Thailand, although after tsunami it suffered a number of problems. Barcelona and Madrid are on the highest of the record of essentially the most visited Spanish cities. You can also see that the full amount of vacationers has increased – folks grew to become to journey extra.

The capital city of the United States, ideally famous for its thriving range of bureaucratic lands and the home to the president of the United States, Washington D.C. is one of the most stunning and desired getaway destinations in the entire United States.

The Most Fashionable Journey Destinations In The World

Travel Destination

High 10 Journey Destinations

With azure waters, stunning seashores, ample water sports and a spread of accommodation, tourists maintain getting attracted to the Caribbean year after year.
Travel Destination
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Selecting A Travel Destination

Each country is beautiful in its own method and is de facto worth visiting, but there are some international locations that entice way more vacationers than others. Spain, principally visited in summer season can be extremely popular seashore vacation spot with its resorts of Costa Brave, Costa Dorada, Costa del Sol. The number one vacation spot for most individuals on this planet, France attracts over seventy five million vacationers every year.

With azure waters, stunning seashores, ample water sports and a variety of accommodation, tourists maintain getting interested in the Caribbean yr after yr. The charming conurbation that is considered to be probably the most prominent cultural epicenters of the world, New York City is in the travel bucket listing of almost each traveler.

How To Select A Journey Destination

Travel Destination
In response to many journey specialists, one of the best journey destinations for women are situated within the Caribbean. Some destinations like Africa (safari), or Maldives beaches can be planned in per week’s time. There are numerous journey destinations in the world that may be coated in a week’s time. The United Kingdom is among the prime 10 travel destinations as a result of this nation is steeped in historic significance.

Equally, if you are planning a honeymoon journey, you might want to go to a peaceful place (like a beach quite than a metropolis) where you may have all time to you and your … Read More...