4 Cognitive Benefits of Playing Video Games


There’s a common misconception that people who play video games are dull and waste their time on their mobile devices. This is untrue because there are many benefits and positive effects to video gaming that can even influence interpersonal relationships, social skills, good moral virtues, brain development, and memory.

In this article, you get to know and understand the various cognitive effects of videogames on people. ReviewsBird.com offers customer reviews on video gaming apps that can improve cognition.

Here are four cognitive benefits of playing video games.

1.  It improves your problem-solving and critical-thinking abilities

Critical thinking is a likable skill that enables an individual to make use of observable signs and evaluate proven sources to make good judgments. By playing video games and crossing various game stages, you’re indirectly thinking of creative ways to effectively and efficiently solve a problem and improve your approach to specific game challenges. The real-life application of this is persistence and patience. That is when faced with a problem; you wouldn’t give up as quickly as other people.

2.  It improves your hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills

Hand-eye coordination entails using your hands and eyes simultaneously, uniting visual perception and motor skills. Gross motor skills are skills that are involved in the coordination of major muscular body parts such as the arms, legs and include running, jumping, and swimming. Concerning video games, hand-eye coordination involves using a pad and screen simultaneously, while gross motor skills are the constant movement of the hands. Compared to non-gamers, people who frequently participate in video games have better developed hand-eye coordination as you have to be alert, make moves quickly and effectively. Gross motor skills are also formed due to constant use of hands and speedy reflexes.

3.  It increases memory capacity

Games require you to be alert, make moves effectively, and meet random goals leading to an increase in the memory capacity of an individual. This would be relevant in real-life situations where you have to process information and produce results very quickly. It helps gamers work well under pressure, multitask and solve problems quickly. The increased working memory capacity can be beneficial in patients suffering from reduced cognitive abilities, e.g., Dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease.

4.  It improves focus

The brain is conditioned to ignore distractions while playing a video game to promote alertness and concentration solely on the task you have to solve. As your interest grows in the game, your attention span as well as focus also increases. This is why video gamers hardly engage in serious conversations with other people and do not give in to distractions while gaming to stay concentrated and productive. For people with hyperactivity and can’t concentrate on one thing simultaneously, playing video games can increase concentration for more extended periods.

In summary, the human brain can adjust to change and develop better with practice. Video games are one way to improve coordination, muscle motor skills, focus, attention span, intellectual, and cognitive abilities.

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